Resources for Matt Cleaver's ethics classes

Problems Accessing the Course on Canvas?

If you are having trouble logging in to Canvas, here are some things to help get you jump-started while the Distance Learning department gets your problem sorted out.

You may find the syllabus for our course by searching for our course here :

  1. Verify the Semester is correct.
  2. Change the subject to Philosophy.
  3. Click Load Schedule, and then find our course.
  4. Click on the course number to view the syllabus.

The syllabus contains the textbook information for our course, and you don’t need it for the first couple of weeks, so you have plenty of time to get the book, and it only costs $15 at our bookstore. The syllabus also contains an outline of the schedule. Read carefully over the syllabus.

We cover one module a week during a normal semester, and about two modules a week in a summer or 8-week semester. Here is a summary of the first few modules in the course and when they are due during a full spring or fall semester:

  1. Start Here: Course administration and how to use Canvas. Nothing really important from a content perspective. The Start Here Quiz is the big thing to complete since it is how we verify attendance in an online course. This is usually due the first Friday of the semester at midnight. If you miss this deadline due to not being able to access the course, don’t worry.
  2. Course Intro: Introduction to Ethics and how to succeed in the class. You should have plenty of time to get caught up, but in case you want to get a head start, the following lectures are contained in the “Course Intro” module and will help orient you to the course.
  3. Ethical Groundwork: This module teaches you the basics of logical argumentation and includes a short PDF reading:
  4. Chapter 1 - Doing the Right Thing: This is the first module that requires you to read anything from our textbook, so you have plenty of time to get the book. This module is usually due on the Monday following the fourth week of class.

If computer issues are stressing you out, relax. I’ll make sure that you aren’t penalized unnecessarily. Everything will be just fine.

If a few days have gone by and you still cannot access the course on Canvas, please send me another email ( or a Canvas message with an update.